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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va means test threshold 2021-2022

Instructions and Help about Va means test threshold 2021-2022

Hey everybody today I just want to talk really quick come out these VA and what to expect when you go to either a hearing loss appointment or an appointment for tinnitus in your ears now first off I want to say that depending on what injuries that you're claiming what disabilities you may go to a doctor that can treat all them at once or your appointments might be broken up into several different ones so for example if you have knee pain and then you'll also have ringing in your ears you're going to have to go to two separate appointments but if you have knee pain and foot pain usually the same doctor is going to be able to treat you and evaluate you for both conditions so really quick what can you expect at your appointment for audiology the first thing is that they're going to test for actual hearing loss now I only put on my form for tinnitus but they test you for hearing loss anyway the first thing is the standard test you know exactly how it goes you put on the headphones and there's going to be a beep in one year and you have to either press a button or in my case we're gonna have a high tech button so I just had to raise my hand every time that I heard the beep they're gonna do the same thing with the other ear then they're going to move on to a different test you have on the headphones and in one year they're going to be playing sounds through a CD player and then on the other leader they're going to be playing white noise so kind of static that just sounds like and while this static is playing in one year they're going to be saying things in the other years such as repeat the ball and you say ball repeat the door door right so you just say the last word of whatever they do and you're supposed to this is seeing if you can distinguish between background noise and the noise that you're supposed to be hearing so those are the two standard tests but then for me they also did something where they put these it's kind of like a almost like an ear plug they put it in one year and then she as a wand that she puts in the other ear and it kind of increases the pressure in your ears almost like you were in an airplane or going down in a pool where you can feel the pressure it's not really painful but it's supposed to be checking for fluid in your ears and then the nerve pathways in your ears you don't have to do anything or participate in this test you just sit there and the Machine does everything for you so that's for the actual hearing loss now for the tinnitus the ringing in the ears.


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